What We Do

What We Do On UAE Legit Blog


Job creation is one of the greatest drivers of poverty reduction and stability in conflict-prone countries. The key to those jobs? Local entrepreneur. The reason that poverty and instability persist is due to basic barriers that prevent local entrepreneurs and none entrepreneurs from accessing formal business opportunities. UAE Legit Blog was founded to solve this problem

UAE legit is a Blog  focusing/rendering service for those relocating from other country to UAE for better opportunity. Our Posts serve as resource for UAE & Nigeria Jobs seekers.

How UAE Legit Blog Solve Problems

We work to convey those in search of greener opportunities in getting Jobs in UAE, by processing their Visa most cases. For some jobs we provide free accommodation with no cost for jobs seekers based on the job agreement, for the individual in UAE/Dubai.

In most cases, jobs information are freely given on this platform on AUELegit, while for some jobs we could charge you fee if the job is not open as advert to job seekers.

How UAELegit Blog Work With Our Partner


UAELegit is in partnership with the with the registered recognized above mentioned company in Dubai.  We work hand to hand to assist those who want to get  their 2 years freelance visa, or 3 months visa for workable price that enables them to work freely in UAE/Dubai, and with any organization of their choice.

UAELegit Blog Mission

To impact you with necessary information to go about daily achievement. To improve the status and welfare of people seeking for opportunity in UAE and Nigeria, beyond by offering information for new opportunities to connect, to offer real support for real issues. We do not wish to change the world, but to transform it through our adopted sustainable, approach in rolling out our service offerings for the common good.

Our History

UAElegit was launched on the 23rd, 2019 September. With the goal to make impact. The site has  one aim to “impact the society as we can!” 

About The Founder Of UAELegit

The founder of UAE Legit is Desmond Ajugba, a passionate being towards humanity growth and improvement of living. He is an entrepreneur and the founder of Hkitnob information media which has been in operation since 2016, April 20th. Focuses on humanity capacity building, with through “inspiration, health columns and grants opportunities” for small scale business owner. Beloved Desmond Ajugba has formidable drive to make things happen.